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realest shit ever.




So i thought i looked good in suit, bow ties and shit…Until i saw this  tomboyish boss lady on my tumblr dash killing those menswear-inspired fashion thang much better than most men out there including myself.

Madame Esther Quek, Group Fashion Director of The Rake and Revolution magazines (Middle East).

So, she’s a Menswear sort of fashion editor, and she works it like a boss. Possibly the most loudly fashionable and yet centered aesthetic I’ve seen on one of these leaders-of-fashion editors yet.

Of course, I have a bias for the kind of baseline she’s working from…

Now I have a visual for what a girl who loves color AND menswear can do. Thanks cbot, that’s an amazing find.


Nobody has to justify male superhero movies by saying “think of the children we’ll inspire!” anymore, they’re just accepted as a popular genre worth participating in. So Wonder Woman’s really important to girls, how about a solo film?


Sir Ian and Michael Gambon continue to be the most awesome people alive. [via]

You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering.

Ernest Hemingway (via auspicious—infp)

And her we have a white dude actually flat out saying that they will stop paying attention if we ever for a moment stop screaming.

(via frank-e-fighting-words)

Mindless commentary. I can’t find the context out of which this taken, and I’m willing to bet you aren’t familiar with it, either, so for all you know, the addressee is a man. You’re the one asserting quiet suffering as a feminine trait. (Or as a minority trait of some kind; your point is so baseless that this much isn’t clear.) Moreover, the mere mention of the addressee’s suffering is proof that the speaker is paying attention and, in fact, has not forgotten. Someone needs to bone up on their reading comprehension. But most importantly, if you’re actually concerned about the plight of women or POC or whoever your “we” is supposed to be, maybe don’t spew asshat tripe that makes you and your cause look moronic. We have an uphill battle already without picking fights where there’s no conflict. He’s describing an individual he cares about, not saying jack shit about you or any group of people, let alone one he is happily subjugating. Stop spitting out oppression buzzwords (“white dude” omg rite!?) to try to collect laurels or whatever you think you’re achieving here. All being publicly thoughtless does is give fodder to those who *would* happily subjugate us.

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I found the context. It’s from A Farewell To Arms and it’s a male orderly in a World War I field hospital talking to the main character, a wounded American soldier.

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Favorite Villains- Maleficent

"You poor, simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me. Me! The mistress of all evil!"


Nose bump


Nose bump





Slow down
honey I can’t think
Seen this before and I know
what’s about to break you

There’s a light in your eyes
that’s burning slow
The look on your face
has been that way for days
oh I don’t know why.

Everyone’s saying the best is already gone
But I know what we got coming ‘round.
The days are alive and filled up with changes
It’s only half of what we got coming ‘round.

You’re speaking softer every night
Try to hold you in bed
but you shrug away instead
oh I don’t know why

Everyone’s saying the best is already gone.
But I know what we got coming ‘round.
The days are alive and filled up with changes
It’s only half of what we got coming ‘round.

Baker Lake, Sera Cahoone

Dark black outside
Turn the radio on , nothing is coming out right
All I know is I’m all alone
My feet won’t climb the stairs
My body hurts needing your call

I know I should get out
Stop sitting here all night and day
But all my mind can’t move
Just think about you and me

I want you to hold my love tonight
And run your hands all down my spine
Waiting ‘cause you’re not here with me

Here with Me - Sera Cahoone